I couldn't believe the news.
Robin Williams dead at age 63.
How could one of my favorite actor/comedians be gone?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Whenever Robin graced the big or small screen, I watched.
He made me laugh in ways no other comedian or actor ever could, and probably never will.
His way of being funny was so different from any other.
The impressions, the jokes, even the serious roles he took on in movies, impressed me like no other.

The movies - over 80 of them, including Popeye, The World according to Garp, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire (which was rumored to be a sequel), Goodwill Hunting, Night at the Museum (a third installment with Robins is coming out soon), RV, Jumanji, and two of my all time favorites - Patch Adams and Good Morning, Vietnam.
His role as a DJ in Good Morning Vietnam made all of us in the radio business proud.

So many movies, so much talent, and he put so many smiles on the faces of peopleor the world through his work.

Even though his latest sitcom lasted only one year, I enjoyed it...because Robin was in it, and he made me laugh.
Thank you Mr. Williams, for giving us something to laugh about, especially since we need all the laughs we can get in this difficult thing called life.

We will sorely miss you Robin...Na-Nu Na-Nu.