It's Spring and time to break out the bike! It's also time for rider's courses.

The Southern Tier Academy of Riding, held at Southern Tier Harley Davidson on Upper Front Street in Binghamton, has information on what courses are underway and when you can take the ones you need. There is also an online course.

With 2 fatal motorcycle accidents in the news already this year, I am concerned about the safety of riders. It's always a good idea to brush up on your skills with a course. No one is so knowledgeable that they don't need a course. There are a few different levels to take, after all!

I saw a guy on a crotch rocket last week, at the prospect Mountain Construction Site, cross 3 lanes of cars (in between them!) at a high rate of speed just to get to an exit ramp. That guy needs serious lessons! Don't be a danger to yourself and others like that guy.

With that said, non-riders, please be aware of and take motorcycle riders seriously. Do not crowd or tailgate. And by all means, respect the rider.

Have a safe cycling season.