You may not remember the name but some of his most famous spoof records were in the 60’s and 70’s. Dickie Goodman was the guy behind those novelty recordings of the man on the street interviewing various people while using brief clips of popular records and songs to "answer" comedic questions posed by voice actors. The Schick was know as ‘The Break-In”

Some of his most successful recordings included his biggest hit the 1956 recording of “the Flying Saucer (officially released under the artist name "Buchanan and Goodman") and peaking at #3 on Billboard.

In 1974 Goodman also spoofed the Watergate scandal with ‘Watergrate’ and environmental issues with ‘Energy Crisis ’74, and the following year he had his second biggest hit when he parody the movie Jaws with “Mr Jaws” which peaked at #4.

I remember buying a few of those at the record store.

Goodman's final chart record was a spoof of the 1976 "King Kong" film remake
"Kong" (#48 in 1977),

He died in 1989 by his own hand, a self inflicted gunshot.

Check out some of his biggest hits below.

The Flying Saucer parts 1&2

Mr Jaws

Convention ‘72

Energy Crisis ‘74