Another television show from my childhood was the 1968 science fiction series ‘Land of The Giants’ The shows was developed by Irwin Allen who also created ‘Lost In Space’.

The show was about a space trip traveling on a routine commute set in the future 1983, the ship passed through some kind of warp or something and crashed onto a planet where everyone was 12 times bigger than the human crew AND miraculously they spoke perfect English.

I remember the little boy and a dog and of course there was a Doctor Smith type character called Fitzhugh, a John Robinson and Don West type and a rebel dude too, then there were the gals Valerie and Betty.

The set props were cheesy and they would have the camera angles from the floor up whenever the giants were in the scene. I read that they used many of the props over and over and that’s pretty recognizable if you watch the series, the actors were also made to do their own stunts to reduce the costs.

The Giants culture kind of resembles the United States but it hints at a lifestyle that always struck me as a bit communist or socialist, although they never really reveal much.

The show ended after 51 episodes and like its Irwin Allen predecessor ‘Lost in Space’ the cast never returned to Earth..