I love to regift. And just because I do doesn't mean I am cheap, it just means I am realistic.
I like to purge my house of clutter a couple times a year and this helps greatly. It is perfectly fine, no matter what anyone says, to regift.

Let's face it, you have stuff all over your house that you have only seen once or twice before it ended up in a closet. Why not pass it on to someone else?

About one third to a half of gifts I give at Christmas are regifted. I have done it for years. My Grammy actually showed me how back in the 80's! There are things I've learned along the way that I will share.

1. Never give a gift back to the person who gave it to you. Try and keep track. You know the hell that would result from this mistake.

2. Clean and dust the item very well before wrapping. A dusty item is a dead giveaway!

3. Gather all the items that you want to get rid of in one location and make 3 piles: regift, trash, yard sale. Separating the items help you get rid of home clutter faster.

4. If an item is not in pristine shape, unless it's an antique, do not regift it. Do I need to explain this one?

5. Family heirlooms can be regifted. Just make sure there is no one that really wants it, but doesn't get it. I give these to my nieces with explanations of the item's history and they love it.

6. Wrap it as you would a new gift. Don't just toss it in a bag with tissue paper. Wrap it and make it look respectable.

Would you regift?