1. Pour a little oil in a wok and add one orange bell pepper, one yellow bell pepper, one red bell pepper, twelve grape tomatoes and half of a vidali onion. Make sure you cut all of these vegetable length wise into strips except for the tomatoes which you should cut in half.

2. Add one small can of mushrooms, pepper, salt, and garlic powder. Cook until desired texture. I like my vegetables cooked but still a little al dente.

3. Next cut up some lettuce and place in a bowl with two scoops of re fried beans (I just used some from a can) and cheese on top of it. I only happened to have mozzarella so that is what I used but cheddar would be ideal. Put the bowl in the microwave for approximately a minute and 30 seconds.

4. When the ingredients in the bowl are warm, take the bowl out and scoop vegetables on top of the salad, beans and cheese. Add hot sauce if desired and enjoy!