1) You aren't allowed to sing Britney Spears "3" in normal offices or listen to Five Finger Death Punch.

2) Oh, you aren't supposed to yell inappropriate things in the workplace?

3) I may get fired for sexual harassment but hey in radio, we really do love each other if you know what I mean.

4) One probably is not supposed to call their bosses the names I call Don Morgan or talk to them in the manner in which I address him.

5) I would probably go insane if I could not express my anger via swearing in the workplace.

6) Can you work in a bank in a rock band t-shirt? I think not!

7) In very few other jobs would I be able to use my ridiculous personal life as 'material' for my job.

8) My co-workers are as crazy as me here. I'm thinking I would not do well working with a bunch of uptight snobs that would probably think I'm psychotic because of my extra energy I harness at all times.

9) There is no way I would not be able to talk about drinking, sex and awkward social situations at work or make ridiculous and absurd accusations at my fellow co-workers. Thankfully here, they all know I am joking and trying to make them laugh.

10) Last but not least, I have not exactly figured out what Shakira meant by "I'm a She Wolf" but I like to think that I am probably one. I'm little out there, a little wild and a good kind of crazy. "Normal" people in "normal" work environments would probably have idea how to deal with me. I'm very blunt, I work hard, and I have fun. If you don't like it, radio is probably not for you!

Big thank you to all my co-workers for putting up with my shenanigans! I'm sure it's difficult and times but I appreciate it- love you all!