The chances of finding one of these babies is apparently 1 in 10 million.


Monday I stopped by the Price Chopper Supermarket on Route 12A in Chenango Bridge to buy a muffin, before heading into the radio station, and found one of these brilliant beauties.


According to store officials they've found three! All are orange, uncooked, and in their Binghamton, Guilderland and Middletown locations.

Apparently the coloration is a result of a rare genetic defect, which can cause some lobsters to turn orange, blue, calico (spotted) or white. The chances of finding one of rare enough, but Price Chopper has sold nearly 3 million pounds of lobster over the last three years and these three orange lobsters are the only 'Newburgs' that turned up looking like they were dressed for Halloween.


Big Wally

Price Chopper won't be selling these rare lobsters though, all three are being sent regional aquariums later this week.