Whether blowing through a red light, speeding down the street, or, as our buddy Jon Jones likes to do; drag racing. You see flashing lights in your rearview mirror, and you pull over. Now what? Panicking, crying, acting erratically are not going to help you in this circumstance. Here's a list of a few things that you want to be sure to do when being pulled over:

  • 1

    Follow instructions

    You see flashing lights. Slow down and pull over (use your turn signal) well off the side of the road.

  • 2

    Stay in your vehicle

    Roll down your window, turn off your engine and radio, place your keys on your dashboard (or better yet, on top of your car).

  • 3

    Keep your seat belt fastened

    At least until the officer has seen you wearing it. I recommend unbuckling once he/she requests your ID and other paperwork.

  • 4

    Take a deep breath

    Chill out, don't panic, remain calm while the officer explains why you were stopped.

  • 5

    Dome lights

    If you were stopped at night, turn on your interior or dome lights.

  • 6

    Best behavior!

    Cooperate with the officer, be polite and not argumentative. It could make all the difference between a warning and a ticket or worse.

  • 7

    Be honest

    Don't make excuses, they smell nonsense a mile away. Officers get excuses and defensive behavior all day, every day. Don't be that guy.

  • 8

    Remain visible

    Keep your hands in plain view (I recommend the good 'ol 10-and-2 position). Avoid reaching or making sudden movements that may worry the officer. Never reach under your seat.

  • 9

    Avoid provocation

    Don't provoke the officer, or try to show off in front of friends that may be in the car.

  • 10

    Always carry proper ID

    This includes: valid driver's license, proof of registration, current proof of insurance. Do not retrieve each until told to do so by the officer.

  • 11

    Exit slowly

    If for some reason, you are instructed to exit the vehicle, do it slowly and calmly.

  • 12

    Accept your fate

    If you receive a citation or ticket, accept it calmly. If you want to contest it, do so in the court of law. Nobody has ever talked themself out of a ticket after it has already been given to them on the spot.