The President's visit to Binghamton will be watched and reported on worldwide. This is a great chance, regardless of how you feel about the administration, to show off Binghamton.

For some reason, the press loves to catch him at restaurants. So, let's show off our best!


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    The thing that make Nirchi's stand out are the fact that it is a successful local chain. Who says you have to be national to be a chain? I would steer the Prez towards the breakfast pizza, since I had never seen any in my life before here!

    Seth Werkheiser via CC
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    Lupos Original charpit

    The Spiedie is unique to the area and should be on the President's menu list! Lupos got the most recommendations from our Facebook questions and, hey, they've been around since 1951.

    Photo Kathy Whyte
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    Cacciatore's in JC

    Cacciatore's has been around a while and serves some killer Italian food. Some of you recommended this stop and since it represents Johnson City, that works too! It's good for the President to see several areas here in the Southern Tier so he gets a good feel for it.

    jshj via CC
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    The Lost Dog

    The Lost Dog Cafe is uniquely Binghamton. The fare is healthy and very delish! The restaurant was started by local residents who once tried their hand as an all girl band in New York City.

    Lost Dog Cafe Facebook Page
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    A Home Cooked Meal

    This was the number one choice by you. I love it! I think having the President sit in a home and see, first hand, what it's like here is perfect.

    He would eat what you can normally afford, which is nothing like he is used to I guarantee!

    Lee Ruk via CC