There is a study or survey for everything. Every day I see one or the other was conducted for whatever, with all the details and results to make you ooh and ahh. Big deal, I say.

But, there are a few that do intrigue me. I stumbled on one today. It's a study and statistical fact. It's the most common surnames in Broome County, last taken in 2014 according to Forebears.

I searched for my surname on the list of Top 99 most common Broome County surnames in 2014, but came up empty. Same for my co-horts, Doug and Kyle. The Top 10 as of 2014 are:

1. Smith
2. Brown
3. Miller
4. Williams
5. Jones
6. Johnson
7. Clark
8. Lewis
9. Davis
10. Allen

Interestingly, the following were the Top 10 in Broome County in 1880:
1. Smith
2. Brown
3. Johnson
4. Clark
5. Davis
6. Murphy
7. Allen
8. Lewis
9. Williams and Hall (tied)

For the complete list of those two years, how many people have each name, and more fun facts about Broome County, visit Forebears.

via: Forebears