I was beyond pissed when I heard the following story and I am still fuming.

For 3 years, Princeton, New Jersey has been trying to erect a memorial to honor the victims of the September 11th attacks. The hold up was getting a beam from Ground Zero. It finally came and now there is a bigger problem.

The beam has a cross taken out of it. So left is a hole in the shape of that cross. Gasp! Shock! This is a problem? Oh yes. In these days of over the top political correctness and ignorance of tolerance, that cross is unacceptable for some. Now Princeton has to go through lawyers to see what legal challenges they could face if the beam is used.

Oh, it was perfectly acceptable and brought a tear to everyone's eyes when first responders cut the crosses out of beams to mark the areas where remains were found. But God forbid the beams be used or seen in public! That is an offense to one's sensibilities!

In my opinion, it's time people got over the religion hang up. When I grew up, I was exposed to Jewish culture in our school, as the Jewish students were exposed to the Christian culture. Was  there a problem? Nope. But now, Christianity seems to be taboo.

I say that because we, rightly, expose children to Jewish, Muslim and other religions in schools and it is done in public events as well, but Christianity seems to be getting stomped on. I believe there is room for any religion, just don't go overboard with the exclusions.

People need to get their big boy pants on and learn to tolerate. This beam should be used in the memorial in Princeton. If someone can't handle it, they can get the heck out of the Country created to be the land of the FREE.

It is worth noting that Binghamton also has a steel beam as part of its memorial, but that one has no cross stamped out.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

The views expressed by Lee Ann Taylor are purely her own and not those of 99.1 The Whale or Townsquare Media.