It's fun to go back in time to when rockers were new to the music scene or had some sort of major accomplishment. In the world of Rock-n-Roll that is the case many times over, and that's why their music continues to be so strong today, decades later!

Today, we will set The Whale's music time machine to 1973, one of my favorite years. Not only was it my senior year in high school, it was the year I turned 18 and a year full of great rock-n-roll.

The date we have traveled back to, is April 29th. It was on that date that the awesome album Dark Side of the Moon took over the number one spot on the album charts in the US.

The songs on this album are so amazing from Speak To Me to Eclipse. What's also amazing, is the fact that the album hung around on the chart for a long, long time. 741 weeks to be exact.

Let's honor one of the best rock albums of all time with Pink Floyd's Time from a show in 1988 as this week's Classic Rock Pick of the Week.