It's no secret that doing a good deed makes you feel good. But it doesn't just improve your mood, it improves your physical health, including heart and nervous system. It's a no-brainer that it improves someone else's well being too.

I used to "pay it forward" when I lived in Delaware by paying the tolls of the next 2 cars behind me at the tool booth. I occasionally pay for the coffee of someone in line at a convenience store and I open doors for people. It gets fun thinking of new and different ways to surprise people with kindness. Have you ever seen the face of someone who was helped by a stranger? It is beyond priceless.

I bring this up because this week has been a trying one. Too many people are divided and saying hurtful things, especially on social media. My friend Janine provided a moment of pause and thought when she posted this:

Janine Giske

Janine also explained how she was in a Dunkin Donuts drive thru lane and paid for the order of the car behind her and left this note with the window attendant to give to the recipient of the kindness. It was cool enough to get the gift of free coffee, but the note was just an "awww!" touch.

By seeing this picture and reading her anecdote, it made me decide to challenge you to follow in Janine's footsteps. I want you to pay it forward and if you can, add a note to the mix. Take a picture of the note and post it to our Facebook page, or simply tell us your story. If someone pays it forward to you, tell us.

I want our Facebook page to be full of stories! After we've compiled enough, I will put a gallery together as a "Pay It Forward Wall" on our web page and update it as we pay it forward.

Get to it!