A bit of Binghamton history was lost today. The former Pa's Woodshed on Montgomery Street, was gutted by fire. The building had reportedly been vacant for a long time, and rumor had it that squatters had been seen inside the building.

Back in the late 70's,  Pa's Woodshed, erected a twenty-four feet, nine-inch-tall Ladderback chair, with a twelve-foot-square seat. it was visible from both I-81 and I-88. It shocked the world and was honored in the 1979 Guinness Book.

Finished and Unfinished Household Furniture, Mirrors, and Picture Frames. Pa's was the place to go for furniture in the Greater Binghamton Area. As a matter of fact, My wife Karen and I still have a table and two chairs that my mother in law bought us when we first got married, and they came from?

You guessed it, Pa's Woodshed.
It's sad to see the old girl go. A famous furniture store and later, home to a strip clip known as 'Pa's Woody." I'm not sure what that was all about?
It's kinda of ironic that reports say squatters lived in the building, and that the most famous inhabitant of Pa's Woodshed was......  a Hobo!