Guys, is it really so hard to flush that toilet?


I come into work and go into the men's room, and apparently someone had a little trouble working the on/off mechanism to the potty.  Contrary to the popular poem, 'if it's mellow DO NOT LET IT MELLOW!'

Maybe you have a touch of tendinitis. Or maybe a born spur in your elbow. But that's no excuse not to flush it down, 'cause you have a whole 'nother appendage to complete the action.


Or maybe you don't quite understand the mechanics involved. Let me help you.





Big Wally


Take your right, or left arm, (which ever is not holding onto the business end of your business) raise it to shoulder length. THEN... bend the elbow horizontally till your hand is touching the lever (as it appears in the picture). Grasp handle with two fingers and either, lift or lower handle... whichever you are more comfortable with.


You will hear a wooshing noise. DO NOT BE ALARMED.... I realize you have never heard this sound before.... but I assure you THIS IS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL!


Wait about 3 seconds, then release handle, zip up, wash hands and leave. (If urinal has a twist type handle, there will be operating instructions on this model next week)