My Dad has had a recurrence of cancer. Interestingly, so have 5 of my friends. Sadly, my friend Tracy lost her battle last week. I never thought, before my personal experience, that recurrence was a big issue. Apparently, there is much more to cancer than is generally known.

What I found out is that cancer recurrence is a high probability. Even after the 5 year cancer survival mark. I tried to find comprehensive stats on this, but I cannot concretely hand them to you. All I can do is tell you I have talked to doctors and cancer patients. They confirm my suspicions: cancer "cure" is an illusion.

"it is unlikely that any cancer treatment will kill every single cancer cell in the body." This quote came from a European cancer site. Why can't I find those words on an American site? Why couldn't my family have been armed with this important fact?

I just want you to know this very important piece of information because I believe my Dad's cancer recurrence could've been caught much quicker had there been more vigilance and scans. And to prepare you, if you ever have to deal with cancer on not being complacent.

My words of advice? Fight. HARD. Don't let the doctors call the shots. Question everything. Don't take no for an answer. Remember, this is your life you are fighting for. Why leave control to anyone but you?