Over the weekend I was fuming over irresponsible people talking or texting while driving. Are you kidding? You STILL haven't gotten the message?

Then I saw the most stupid thing; a young woman, with a child in the back seat, texting while driving. She was driving erratically too. I wanted to grab her and shake her. Drivers that text do drive erratically and slowly, so they are easy to spot.

I don't know why people are ignoring the law, but new York State recognizes that and has stiffened the penalties. It is also a first offense. In other words, you can be stopped solely for texting or talking. How would you like 5 points, a $150 fine and possible suspension? Then don't text!

Junior drivers could quickly get a suspension under the improved law, which is effect now.

Much like anything that can cause injury or death, many people seem to think they are bullet proof. News flash: we are NOT. How would you like to have another human's death or injury on your conscience?

An easy way to avoid texting or talking while driving is this: put the phone where you cannot access it.