Most of us had to read the book "1984" in school. It was creepy, it was scary and it looks as if it was close to the truth. Granted, it's 29 years later than portrayed by Orwell, but the overreach of several government agencies is happening and Big Brother is watching.

1984 was released in 1948. It was a very different world. A war had just ended, the threat of Communism was very real and people loved the liberties that the Constitution afforded them. Boy were they protective of it. Unnerved by the cold war, Orwell started to ponder. And the book was the result.

This book is where the idea of "Big Brother" comes from. Apparently, the recent scandals have so freaked Americans out that they are grabbing "1984" from in droves. Sales of the book are up a shocking six-thousand percent!

If you haven't read the book lately, you may want to. I still have my high school copy and will sit through it this weekend. If you aren't a reader, the movie version is also available and selling like crazy.

The big question is: are you concerned that we will end up being a society like in "1984"? How do you feel about what is going on in the U.S. now?