There is no getting around it, warmer weather is coming and outdoor activities will begin once again.

I love to BBQ, it can be anything from hamburgers and hotdogs to spiedies or steak.

There’s nothing like sharing the experience with friends and family members.

I remember those gatherings when I was a kid and how much fun we had playing with my cousins and the kids on the block.

I remember mostly eating hotdogs and maybe corn on the cob with some mac salad (I’m getting hungry thinking about it).

When you’re a kid life is simple and stress free, I think that’s why I enjoy BBQ’s so much, it takes me back to those stress free days.

Think I’ll fire up the grill this weekend.

And here are 5 of my favorite BBQ tunes.

Summer of 69

Summer in the City

Boys of Summer

Summertime Blues

Summer Nights