How many times have you or someone around you said "nothing exciting ever happens around here."
I was just saying that to a co-worker recently, meaning, I have writers block and was having a tough time thinking up something to blog about.
It was in reference to nothing happening out of the ordinary at work.

Yea, there are some things that I could write about, like the drama that occurs from time to time just like any workplace, or about Holly continuing to tell me how much taller and younger she is than me, or about how at every staff meeting, Big Wally and Lee Ann seem to be ignoring me, rather directing their attention to their cell phones and computers, but that's an everyday occurrence, so it's not new and exciting.

Well, yesterday, my dream came true.
Something exciting happened at work.
The overhead fan in the men's room decided to shred itself, which warranted a replacement.
Not a big deal you may say, but alas, it was for everyone (especially the men) around here, not to mention the reason we need to have a fan in the bathroom in the first place (no explanation needed here.)
Not only is this fan bigger and more powerful (cue the Tim Taylor grunt) than the last fan, but it also has a built in light - something our old fan did not have.
Now that's excitement.
Even the ladies are jealous they don't have a fancy fan complete with a bright light in their bathroom.
Now realize, for the guys, the assumption here is, the more light we have in the bathroom to see, the better the aim, if you know what I mean.
Of course you know what 'assume' really means, so it probably won't make much difference with the guys around here.

Anyway, hurrah for a new bathroom fan/light!
I'm giddy with the thought of what the next exciting thing to come along will be happening at work.
Yea, I really have to get out more.