There are sounds that, as a child, become embedded in our minds. My husband has an iPhone and chose the "old fashioned" ring of a phone as his tone. I love hearing that!

It is just one of many sounds that adults our age tend to miss and that kids today will probably only ever hear except in classic movies. I've decided to take you back in time and share some of the most missed sounds. Did I miss one?

  • 1

    Rotary Telephone Dial

    My Dad still has our phones. it took a while ,compared to cell phones, to dial, but I could remember the phone numbers! Ask me anyone's now and I have no idea.

    I loved to watch the dial spin. Remember this sound?

    Billy Brown/Willy D via CC
  • 2

    Manual Typewriter

    I used these more than I can count in high school and college! It was a musing, the night before papers were due in college, to here the hallways filled with the click-clack-ting from these machines.

  • 3

    Record Player

    I am so glad vinyl is back, but I miss the old turntables. they were clunky and the hissy, but distinct sound created can't be replicated. Do you still have yours?

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    Gas Station Driveway Bell

    When I was a kid and we drove into the gas station, I heard the ding and then immediately out came an attendant who not only filled our tank but cleaned upthe car and checked the oil. I think I miss this sound the most because of what it represented.

  • 5

    Flash Cube

    my Mom loved taking pictures. Before she got her Kodak Instamatic, she had a huge flash bulb camera. Ouch, that hurt my eyes! With the magic cube, no more spots before my eyes. I have an admission to make. I kept 2 of the bulbs. I am sentimental that way.