Wow, I have to say I was impressed on so many levels opening night at the annual Spiediefest and Balloon Rally, when Night Ranger came to town to play on Whale Night!

I have had the pleasure of meeting many rock bands over the years, and sometimes you run across a group or a singer who just wants to phone in the performance, but Night Ranger is definitely not in that category.
From the time they stepped off the bus, to the time they headed back out on the road, it was apparent that this group of guys were here to have fun.
When we met with them, they we're joking with us, having fun and when Night Ranger took the stage, I was pleased to see them interact with the audience as much as they did.
They even talked about their previous visits to the area many years ago, and that is what we love from a rock band!

If you missed out on the show, I suggest if you get the opportunity to see Night Ranger in the future, do so.
They are true entertainers!