New York City may the home for the most famous New Year's Eve Ball drop, but it's certainly not the only one!

There are many cities across the country and the world who do or have done some sort of way to usher in the New Year.
Here's a few of those:
..Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil also features a ball drop witnessed by over two million people.
..Miami, Florida has a 'Big Orange Drop', featuring a 35 foot orange dropped 400 feet from the Hotel Intercontinental Miami Hotel.
..Atlanta, Geogria has, of course, a Peach drop.
..Gainesville, Georgia is home to the 'Chuck The Chicken Drop' which benefits the Humane Society.
..Eastport, Maine has two drops. One is a sardine drop to honor the herring and fishing community.
..Ann Arbor, Michagan rightfully hosts a lit hockey puck drop, in honor of the NHL Winter Classic game which will be the next day at Michigan Stadium.
..Niagara Falls, NY is where you can see a ten foot Gibson Guitar dropped 120 feet from the Hard Rock Café.
..Mount Olive, NC is home to the New Year's Eve Pickle Drop, which is lowered down a flagpole at 7pm rather than midnight, in honor of Midnight occurring in Greenwich Mean Time.
..Cincinnati Ohio, likes to be different, with a flying (fake) pig, because it confirms there is somewhere in the world where pigs fly.
..Bethlehem, Pa drops a 100 puond yellow Peep.
..Lancaster, Pa prefers to raise a Red Rose and Hershey Pa. does the same, except with a Hershey Kiss.
..Pottsville, Pa raises a bottle of Yuengling Beer, and probably so do many of the party-goers!
..Temecula, California drops a bunch of grapes.
..Shamokin, Pa, in the heart of coal country, drops a chunk of coal.
..Houston, Texas has a Lone Star State 'Star" raised at midnight.
..Plymouth, Wisconsin drops an 80 pound decorated cheese wedge.
..Not to be outdone by that big island in New York City, Manhattan, Kansas drops 'The Little Apple', which is an apple-shaped aluminum ball.
..Pensacola, Florida drops a pelican...we assume it's plastic and pink.
..Seattle, Washington raises the elevator of the Space Needle along with a huge fireworks display at midnight.

However you celebrate, or not, have a fun, safe Happy New Year! has a very detailed list of New Year's Eve Celebrations and customs. Check them out!