I don't really talk up TV shows, but there is one sitcom that really gets a laugh out of me, and if you ask Holly Dagger, she'll tell you I rarely smile.
So with that theory, this must be a funny comedy, right?

The sitcom is New Girl on Fox.

"New Girl" you ask? "Don, we need your man card right now. Hand it over!"
Now, wait a minute.
This is not a show you watch with the kids.
It's adult humor all the way, and there's more sexual content in one 30 minute episode (probably more like 18 minutes without the commercials) than an entire week of the Holly Dagger show (sorry, Holly!)

The banter is quick, it's FUNNY, the characters are good, even though you probably have never heard of any of them before, and some of the time it makes no sense, but it gets me laughing, and that's not easy to do.

There are 5 main characters, all revolving around a rather quirky girl, played by Zooey Deschanel, who lives with three guys. (Sounds eerily similar to a point in my past, although that's a story for another time.)
You may have seen her in movies like "Almost Famous," "(500) Days of Summer" and "Yes Man."
Zooey is also in a band called 'She and Him.'
After just one season, New Girl has been nominated for several awards.

Check out the show.
You''ll either side with me and laugh heartily, or you'll think I'm crazy and need to get out more often to broaden my horizons, or something like that.