Facebook is rolling out a new app for it's messenger on cell phones and the permissions are freaking people out.

Here's my problem, many of them are very similar, if not the same, as most apps. So basically, we aren't paying attention to those permissions before we download apps!

For example, the Facebook app asks for permission to change the network connectivity, have access to media and contacts, and detect your location.

All of those requests have also been on apps I have used.

Granted, the Facebook app asks for much more including access to call numbers or send SMS messages as well as record audio or use your camera. Those are weird and a little disturbing to me.

The point is, you have a choice as to downloading apps or not, the trick is, you have to be informed before you do. Don't assume companies are looking out for your privacy. They aren't. The same goes for websites. When you accept rules when you sign up, have you read them? Just sayin'.