Yes, I said a map. As in the paper kind that you can never fold back the way it comes.

Look, traffic due to construction is nuts around here. I drove all over the area on Monday night with my husband, Tom, and we both wished we had a map. Traffic was backed up (due to people having no clue how to merge) and it would've been nice to avoid all that.

I think we are so used to using the main roads that some of us don't remember how to get from point A to point B using secondary roads. GPS's don't help unless you have a higher end one. You take the route it wants and that is it!

As NY DOT is asking us, ok pleading with us, to find alternate routes while this construction phase is taking place, I think we should. So, I am going to buy a map, plan a new route and bonus! discover new parts of the Binghamton area.

Share your new routes here so we can all try them.