I am not sure why exactly Nat Geo Channel wanted to know if people want a new high-end kitchen or a bomb shelter/safe room, but apparently bomb shelters/safe rooms are the hot item for home owners. They conducted a poll and the results shocked even them. Amazingly, the vote was split right down the middle! 51 percent wanted a kitchen and 49 percent the bomb shelter!

Atlas Survival Shelters has made a great living from creating luxurious bomb shelters, so I can kind of see why, if asked, you might have a tough time picking your favorite. Every amenity you can think of is in these things.

My pick would be the granite counter tops and fancy new faucets, plus great cabinets with glass doors that a new kitchen provides. After all, I will be using it a lot more than I would a bomb shelter (I hope!). What about you? What is your choice?