NASCAR had a big mess on its hands after the Richmond race; there was cheating and manipulation that affected its "playoffs". All the manipulations didn't technically break rules, but were unethical.

As racing has long relied on ethics as part of the system, NASCAR had to look long and hard about how to fix things. They have.

The first move made was that Jeff Gordon, who was seriously and negatively impacted by on track actions, was added as the 13th driver to the Chase for the Championship. I think everyone agrees that was the correct move.

The second is that a driver/owner/crew chief meeting will be held Saturday afternoon to lay down the law on manipulation of a race. I believe some rules will also be set in stone. I hope so. Michael Waltrip Racing opened up a can of worms and it now has to be addressed whether anyone likes it or not.

It would poetic if Gordon won the Championship. This coming from a Penske fan! I still say Bowyer should be spun out, but I bet after NASCAR has their chat with the "players" that won't be an option.