Michael Waltrip may have been an average racer on track, but I thought highly of the team he has built, as an owner. Until now.

NASCAR looked into allegations, thanks to recordings of in car communications, that Brian Vickers took a dive in Saturday night's race and that Clint Bowyer spun out on purpose. All to get their teammate Martin Truex, Jr. into the Chase for the Championship. The book should have gotten thrown at the whole organization with a full wind up. But it did not.

NASCAR wimped out. Though MWR was fined $300,000 and general manager Ty Norris was suspended indefinitely, Clint Bowyer was allowed to remain in the Chase. Yes, Martin Truex, Jr. was replaced with Ryan Newman, but Bowyer had the clear choice and made the wrong decision, willfully. Each MWR driver was docked 50 points, but the way they were penalized did not affect Bowyer's standings.

Those actions, by Clint Bowyer, did as intended and cost Ryan Newman the win and a spot in the Chase. It also set into motion the change of the last 2 spots for the Championship. It also removed Jeff Gordon from the Chase. MWR should have been suspended from racing for 5 races minimum, too.

Gordon should have been added to the Chase and Bowyer pulled. I am going to bet that a non-Chase driver will take Bowyer out in the race this weekend. And deservedly so! The crowd will give it a standing ovation. What Bowyer doesn't realize is, once the fans turn on you, you are worthless in this sport. There is no money to be made on you.

Regardless of the outcome, MWR has lost my respect. Even joking about those actions is stupid and irresponsible, let alone acting on them. I don't care how long Ty Norris has been in the sport, his apologies on social media mean jack crap. Kudos to ESPN for busting this open.