A recent poll revealed that the 1980’s was the greatest decade followed by the 90’s.
I couldn’t let this go by without putting in my Susan B Anthony dollar coin.
If I could time travel back to any decade or year for that matter, it would be the 70’s, the year 1976, it may not have been the best time economically, and Gerald Ford was president, definitely not the best leader of our country, but if was the best year of my youth..

The music, the girls, my friends and bangs (yes I had hair then).
I remember riding around in my friends Volkswagen Camper Bus, I always had family around me, because several of my friends were my cousins.

I remember listening to the Whale while we partied, and yes it was the 70’s so we inhaled too,

I recall going to Popes Ravine, and sometimes behind the bleachers at Binghamton North High Stadium.

The summer of “76” was the last year of my parental dependency as the following summer I graduated and joined the Navy.

Thanks to all my friends that were in my life at that time.

Life was good and I’ll cherish those memories, until death or dementia takes them away.


Check out my of my favorite videos  from 1976 below