Oh my Country roots are going to show in a second, so be forewarned! I was raised on the genre thanks to my Daddy. Last Friday, the great George Jones passed. He was immortal to Country fans and artists alike, so the realization that everyone goes at some point hit home.

The only other person I thought was immortal is my Dad. I figure any man that had to raise four kids, two of which are 14 year old girls (after my Mom passed), deserves immortality! He was great. He taught me to fish, was chaperone for my school trips and even took the gum out of my hair that my Sister stuck in there.

My Dad instilled this love of music in me by playing everyone from Fats Domino to Bill Haley and the Comets, to Buddy Holly and Hank Williams, Sr. And he'd play guitar as we all sang together. He was thrilled when I became a radio personality, too. My biggest cheerleader.

I have learned a great deal from my Dad. I think I was very blessed to be a daughter of a priest. He has taught me tolerance and understanding of other religions, how to question things and have faith. He and my Mom made sure that we weren't raised "under the microscope" due to his status in town.

The point of all of this? After my Mom passed, Dad took on both parental roles. So shouldn't I be able to wish him a Happy Mother's Day? Hey, he did the dirty work only a Mom should do for a daughter! God love him for that.

So though it's early, I felt compelled to say Happy Mother's Day Daddy!! And to all the Dads that had to be Moms too, you are appreciated.