OK, maybe I lead a boring life.
But some things are just intriguing to me.

I probably wouldn't have thought to find this out, but since it's been made into a short video, I thought why not?

I'm talking about what the hell goes on inside a dishwasher.
Tell me you've never wondered either?
Really, how do those dishes get so clean?
Or in my case, not so clean.
As a matter of fact, my old tired dishwasher prefers to dump more water on the floor than it keeps inside.

That's a real joy, and yes, I know I should buy a new one, but can't money be better spent on some other frivolous thing that will make me much happier, like a new flat screen TV?Of course, the new TV won't do the dishes, and perish the thought of doing them by hand.
That would just suck!

And I'm just putting this out there...when the dishwasher begins it's cycle and that 'water thing' starts it's process, does it look a bit, well, you know...

Anyway, check out this awesome video and then you will know what goes on inside a dishwasher.
And what a great way to clean your video camera!