What do you listen to when you exercise? Do you listen to music of your own? Do you listen to music playing in the gym? Is it silent? Or is there a television on?

Either way, the best way to make your workout last a little longer without you even noticing is to listen to a playlist of your favorite tunes. Studies have recently shown that those listening to music, exercise on an average, 19 minutes longer than those who do not. In this study, they are primarily referring to cardio such as treadmill machines but I know many body builders who have specific songs and playlists they put on when they are trying to max out to get themselves pumped.I myself have stayed on a machine longer purely to hear a good song I had coming up on my ipod.

I have to say that while many studies appear bogus, this one makes sense to me. What do you think? Check out this site for more on this study.