If you don’t like the way your beer tastes, you might be listening to the wrong music.

As completely bizarre as this may sound, a group of researchers in Belgium (who have a cool job because they get to research stuff like this), say that you should change the music you’re listening to if you want to change the taste of your beer.

The researchers discovered that our brains, ears, and taste buds all play a big role in the overall experience that we have with the beer that we’re drinking.

Here’s an example if you’re trying to wrap your head around what this means: apparently while listening to high-pitched, “Disney-style” music, study participants believed that their beer was a little sweeter tasting. On the other hand, when they were listening to music that was a little slower and had a heavy bass, they felt that the beer they were drinking tasted bitter.

Researchers wrote, “The participant transfers his or her experience and feelings about the music to the beer that they happen to be tasting.

Although not proven by science, you know what kind of music we think makes beer taste exceptionally delicious? German music. And that's just what we're going to give you at the Parlor City Oktoberfest which runs from 11am-8pm on Saturday, October 14th. You can also expect authentic German food, which always makes a nice cold brew taste even better!