According to an article that I read in USA Today, MTV's new management team, lead by Sean Atkins (former Discovery Network Executive), said that they will be "mounting an ambitious comeback effort that includes 14 new series and specials" that will include way more music. Atkins has said, about the reality shows that lead to a jump in their ratings ("Jersey Shore", "Teen Mom", "16 And Pregnant"); that "new wave of reality drove them to unbelievable fantastic heights," Atkins says, "but created a wake that was hard to get out of."

Personally, this is some great news! I grew up with MTV music videos before and after school, or really during any downtime that I had. There were, of course, some non-music video programs on the station that I watched quite often ("Beavis & Butthead", "Daria"), but the vast majority had to do with music videos. To be entirely honest, I wouldn't be surprised at all if this love for music and exposure growing up had a lot to do with my ending up in radio!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to this promising news? Or, do you like the programming on MTV as it is now?

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