Which do you prefer? The convenience of an mp3 or the physicality of an actually CD? I personally prefer the CD and I'll tell you exactly why.

Point number one- A CD is a physical thing. If I buy a CD, I own it. I own the case, the album art, the actual CD with the music on it. If I were to buy an mp3, yes it's great that I get the song I want right away but I am only getting an invisible entity known as an mp3, essentially. I can put both formats on my computer and my iPod so there isn't too much of an argument there.

Point number two - a CD is a story and contains songs that were arranged in that order for a reason. If you just buy one song off iTunes, that's great and I'm glad you are buying your music instead of stealing it but if you like that particular artist a lot, I would encourage you to purchase the physical CD and listen to it from start to finish. Songs are not just placed on albums in random sequences, especially concept albums! Someone that is 17 now could download Rush's 2112 Overture but really that means very little compared to the story behind the whole album. If you purchase an album, you can also enjoy all of the other great songs the artist you like put together and may discover music you might not have otherwise.

Point number three- quality. Mp3's are not made with quality in mind, a CD is. I should mention that there have been movements towards fixing this glitch but it has not happened yet. If you put a CD into your CD player in your car, it will sound much better than when you connect your iPod. Trust me, I carry around my iPod and not a million Cd's but I still wish the iPod sounded more like my good old Cd's.