Let's face it, grown men cry. Heck, I know a ton who even threw tantrums on top of the tearfest on February 2nd. And it's ok to cry guys. Sometimes.

There are some movies that are completely acceptable to ball over, but they are in no way chick flicks. I have a list! No, "Titanic" and "The Notebook" are not on it.

  • 1

    The Godfather I

    This one has to be on there. The death of Vito with his grandson right there. Ouch!


  • 2


    Great movie based on a true story. Rudy gets to play and no one can keep composed.

  • 3

    Brian's Song

    The story of Brian Piccolo a former Chicago Bear until his death at age 26 in 1970. The speech by gale Sayers in the movie, is word for word, the speech delivered by the real Gale Sayers upon winning the George S. Halas Award for Most Courageous Player.

  • 4

    Saving Private Ryan

    I could only watch this movie once. It was too intense.

  • 5


    It's gory, brutal and intense. I dare anyone to keep a dry eye at the death of Maximus. Ain't happening!