Over the weekend, I watched one of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen - The Eternal. Sometimes I pick movies to watch off Netflix that I have never heard of, that seem a bit odd just because it's something different.

I am a huge fan of scary, horror, and thriller movies so of course this was under one of those categories. Even if it is a scary movie that looks stupid, I'll watch it. I figure if it doesn't scare me, it will at least make me laugh.

I think the whole reason I clicked on this movie, besides it being labeled scary is because it took place in Ireland and I'm Irish and quite proud of it. In Ireland, they have folklore tales of beings called Druids which are a type of priest and priestess who were known to practice human scarifice and believe in reincarnation.

In the movie, a young couple and their son journey to Ireland to visit her granparents. The grandfather has discovered a woman in the swamp that was deceased and brought her into the basement of the house. The woman is still in pristine condition due to the chemicals within the swamp she was in. As the story goes on, the woman, who is a druid, thaws out and comes to life in the image of the young wife visiting Ireland.

There is a struggle to kill the druid which, being a powerful god-like being does not end well. The end of the story gets a bit confusing but I think I concluded that the druid drowned the young woman and took her place in life. Thus linking the whole story together in terms of human sacrifice and reincarnation.

Either way, it was an extremely odd movie and unless you are in the mood to watch something weird, I wouldn't recommend it.