The Haunting at Silver Falls was much more interesting than The Eternal! I would highly recommend this movie.

A young girl in high school moves in with a new family in a new town after her parents die. She meets a boy, attends a party and is told that some people in the area claim that Silver Falls is haunted. Those who have been bothered by this phenomenon witness items moving all by themselves, voice and other strange ordeals.

It starts with the young girl finding a ring in the woods, which she puts on and then can not seem to get off. She starts having dreams of someone trying to get the ring off her, her door keeps opening, things from her new guardians bedroom turn up missing and she is eventually sent to a therapist which happens to be her boyfriends father.

As it turns out, she is not the only one that has had these hauntings happen to her. A pair of twins was brutally murdered in Silver Falls and their father was blamed for their murder. When the girl goes to visit their father in jail before he is sentenced to death, she discovers he did not murder the girls at all. I'll leave the rest for you to discover put the twist at the end comes out of no where for me. Great story line for a haunting movie! Check out the trailer below.