The most well known Major League Eating contest is over July 4th weekend. It's the hot dog eating contest at Coney Island. Well, spiedies are about to give that event a run for it's money.

First off, Major League Eating is a real organization and they treat competitive eating like a sport. This sport is about to journey to the Southern Tier for the first time July 26th.

The Major League Eating sanctioned 1st annual Chicken Spiedie Eating Competition comes trackside to Tioga Downs on the 26th at 7 pm.

Champion Joey Chestnut will be introduced to the spiedie and so will the rest of the elite eaters. How cool is that? People all over the world will know what a spiedie is. Our own creation will get major recognition, as will the Southern Tier!

Now would you like to try and compete? Then get over to now and tell them why you should be  an opening round contestant at NYSEG stadium on Friday July 18th! Can you beat Joey Chestnut?

Go out and root on...the spiedie on July 26th!