Mountain Jam is a four day festival at Hunter Mountain in New York June 6th to the 8th. I have always wanted to go but have never made it until this year and I am so psyched! It occurred to me that many people probably do not know all of the bands playing at the festival so, I thought I would do some research for us and pick a new band or two every week to feature! I want to know if you are going to the festival, who you plan on seeing and which new featured artists I put up here you plan on seeing!

Let's start the introduction of artists with Primus featuring renowned bassist Les Claypool.

Starting in 1984, with Claypool as the bassist and singer, he was joined only by a guitarist and a drum machine. The most recent lineup that will be performing at the festival is Claypool, Jay Lane on drums and Larry "Ler" LaLonde. If you play music,l you will definately be able to appreciate the talent here. If you don't, listen with an open mind and try to understand and remember- aalmost anyone can play bass, but it is really hard to be good at bass. Claypool's skills certainly shine through as the focal point in Primus.

Click here for the full line up and ticket information. Hopefully, I'll see you there!