ALO, short for Animal Liberation Orchestra is a rock jam band from Saratoga, California who has developed quite the following in their home state, Utah and Colorado as well.

Zach Gill (keys/vocals), Steve Adams (bass/vocals), Dan Lebowitz (guitar/vocals) started out as childhood friends and formed a band in 1989. They went through several different transitions, especially with drummers and would often tour as LAG- their initials. In the early 90's Dave Brogan joined the group on drums and vocals. They would separate in 1996 due to relocation of most of the band.

Through different lineups, some including up to 9 people, somehow the original four came together in the spring of 2002 to form the current lineup of ALO.

To me, this music is relaxing and creative at the same time. Take a listen and let me know what you think. I am 95% sure I will be purchasing at least one of their albums shortly so stay tuned for an album review from these guys as well! They play Mountain Jam on Sunday June 9th so stick around and check them out!