Most people learn about basic car maintenance from their parents. I was lucky to have the male figures in my life teach me about oil changes, tire changing and more. Sadly, according to two surveys, one-in-three women don't know how to change a flat tire. More disturbing is the fact that over two thirds of people under age thirty could not perform basic car maintenance. Seriously?

There was no survey that was directed toward adult men only. Huh!

To me, this is something everyone should be taught. I can't fathom this many people being clueless! So, to help fix this problem, I recommend two things. First, (men this is for you!) give a tutorial to every household member of the basics. Especially the tire changing. Or this choice; your family members watch the brilliant lesson, below, I found online.

One more thing! There are many lessons online for basic car maintenance. Get to watching!