Here's My Vote For Mother of the Year

The mother of a 16-year-old South Glen Falls, New York boy may be facing charges after she allegedly hired exotic dancers for her son's birthday party.  According to Schenectady's "Daily Gazette," the mother enlisted strippers from a local gentleman's club as the entertainment for her son's birthday party, which was attended by about 80 teenagers.  (Why was I not invited?)

A photograph allegedly taken at the party, showed a scantily clad woman performing a lap dance for the 16-year-old guest-of-honor.  (Hey, ya got to start em early)

Why do we not see any stories like this, in this part of the State? I would think that there should be much more of this activity in Greater Binghamton. It may not be legal or ethical, but it makes for Great radio Copy!

So mom hires a stripper for her boy's sweet 16 party, is that A BAD THING?