1. Not enough foreplay! We are not a light switch. You can't just snap your fingers and expect us to be ready men. Ladies require a bit more attention beforehand. Make us feel wanted and desired and you are sure to get us ready for what you are looking for.

2. Do not compare her to former lovers. We don't want to know what you did or didn't do in the bedroom with other people. In fact, we don't even want to know they existed. The moment should be about you and the other person in the bedroom; not you, the other person and your ex. Think if she brought up her ex? You wouldn't be happy about that now would you?

3. Being selfish. There are two of you in the bedroom. Sex is not just about one person. After all, you can't just have sex with one person. That's called something else and it's normally not as enjoyable. If you want your woman to satisfy you and give you a mind blowing experience, well then you better show her the same experience. The more you make us happy, the more willing we will be to make you happy.