In case you haven't noticed, guys are cooking more than ever. I know my husband is quite talented in the kitchen and I am grateful I get a break a couple of times a week.

What has caused this trend? Well, according to Men's Health, you can thank the Food Network. A large chunk of the men asked why they cook said the Food Network got them into it and they could "throw down" with Bobby Flay.

Sounds like guys not only are into cooking, but they think they're better than they really are! You see, those same guys think they can cook better than Mom.

What else did Men's Health discover about men and the kitchen?

The top reason the average guy enjoys cooking: It's a chance to be creative.

1 out of 20 men cook to seduce women.

The entree the average guy feels most confident preparing is steak.

The aspect of cooking that stokes a guy most: Anything involving an open flame.

1 out of 4 men have started a kitchen fire.

2 out of 5 men have had sex in the kitchen.

36% of men have dropped food on the floor and served it.

Cuisine the average guy cooks most often in this order: Italian, American, and Mexican.

Keep cooking men. We ladies appreciate the break and it makes you more manly to us. Just sayin.