It's been in every man's dream, or should I say, nightmare at one time or another.
You're at a hockey game.
It's between periods.
Those beers you drank are heading south if you know what I mean.Time to head to the men's room.
It's a public place, and of course you're not alone.
To keep it to the point, things are just not happening, because you're stressed over your surroundings, whether it be the room itself or the fact that there are others in the room.

But, is it really just a  nightmare, or is it real?
According to a survey, it's real.
Of course there's a survey been done on this subject.
Why Not? reports that The University of London found when using the public 'Loo' as they call it in jolly ol' England, guys get stressed out.
Insecurity, fear, intimidation and nervousness, which means physically, things just will not go your way, or the urinals way either for that matter.
the study dosen't go far enough in my opinion by way of finding out how guys can overcome this fear.

But of course, this isn't the case for the ladies.
They use public restrooms to make friends and socialize.
That statement will probably garner many angry comments from the gals, so fire away.