I think burping is funny. Then again, my Dad loved to egg us on in that regard while we were kids. Then we would, invariably, hear Mom yell "Frank! Don't teach them that!" Yeah, it fell on deaf ears.

So, when I saw that Maxim magazine had a blurb about burps in it recently, I laughed. It dawned on me that there must be more fun facts out there and I was right!

Maxim's fact: Forty-two percent of American women can belch on command. In case your wondering, I am not one of that forty-two percent.

Then there are these gems that I found:

The longest burp ever recorded is 1 minute 13 seconds 57 milliseconds and was achieved by Michele Forgione in Reggiolo, Italy, on June 16, 2009.

The loudest burp ever recorded was 109.9 decibels and was achieved by Paul Hunn in Bognor Regis, United Kingdom, on August 23, 2009. That's louder than the roar of a motorcycle or snowmobile!

The official medical term for burping is eructation.

Every year cows in the U.S.A. burp about 50 million tons of gas into the atmosphere! The burps of ten cows could heat a small house for a year!  (This one makes me laugh!)

Chickens can't burp. Awww. poor animals don't know what they're missing.

La Toba, Spain has banned public burping. Remind me to never go there!

There is a burping fetish. This one is gross and I do not want to know how it works.

The fun doesn't stop there. The Simpsons (thanks FOX), from their first episode, have held burping in high esteem. Here's one of my favorite scenes. Now excuse me while I go drink soda.