I have been thinking a lot about how we treat our Dads. Maybe it's because my dad is going through health issues or because of my husband being a dad or both. One thing I figured out is, we underestimate them.

Now Moms get the royal treatment. The flowers, giftcards for spas, etc. for Mother's Day. But Dad? He gets the "pull my finger toys." Do we really know how important he was to raising us? Or have we just given up on trying to think what to buy him? We need to try harder.

It's time to change our ways. Look, Dad was a regular Joe before we came along. He had had hobbies, ambitions, stuff he liked. Why not find out what he liked and go from there? Why does it always have to be the same old junk he gets?

Honestly, I feel kind of guilty. Look at how dads are portrayed on sitcoms? They are inept, klutzy and not too bright. How many of our dads are actually like that? Mine isn't!

Dads make a lot of sacrifices for our welfare and happiness. Some of them we will never know about.  And they usually do have to be the bad guy when needed. I think of my dad and husband and what they went through; how they worry, pray and try. That deserves recognition and appreciation. And I am talking more than a card, I am talking everyday consideration. Father's Day is a good start.

To Dads everywhere, ,thank you and Happy Father's Day!!